Jk Rowling is the latest person to answer questions as part of the Leveson report into media ethics, telling the enquirers the horrible lengths that the paparazzi have gone to in order to get to her, even going as far as invading the privacy of her children. Sienna Miller and former motor sport boss Max Moseley were also among those interviewed today in an enquiry that's already featured notable contributions from actor Hugh Grant and comedian Steve Coogan.
Speaking to Lord Justice Leveson, Bbc reports that Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, described how she found in her 5 year-old daughter's school bag a letter addressed to her from a journalist. "I felt such a sense of invasion that my daughter's bag" the author admonished, "it's very difficult to say how angry I felt that my five-year-old daughter's school was no longer a place of complete security from journalists."
Rowling also went on to recall "blagging" incidents whereby members of the press had rung up pretending to be from the post office in an attempt to get her address, also stating that her husband had been duped into giving details to a man faking being from the tax office. Like a lot of people who have agreed to give evidence at this inquiry, we are not asking for special treatment," she concluded, "We are simply asking for normal treatment... and I am simply asking for that on behalf of my children."