J. K. Rowling is selling the house where she wrote most of the 'Harry Potter' books.

The author has put the19th-century mansion in Abbotsford Park, Edinburgh, Scotland, up for sale with an asking price of £2.25 million.

The property features eight bedrooms, landscaped gardens and many original cornices and fireplaces.

Rowling penned at least four of the seven Harry Potter books at the address, but there is little trace of her at the property as she and her family - husband Neil, daughters Jessica and Mackenzie and son David - left two years ago.

They are now living at another house on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Estate agent James Whitson told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''This house is as well maintained as any I have seen in the past five years.

''Fifteen years ago, the house used to be two separate flats, one downstairs, one upstairs with entry via a staircase around the side. But the stitching-together has been very cleverly done.

''As to whether the J.K. Rowling connection will add to the sale price, who knows? We shall have to see what kind of offers we receive. To tell the truth, we are in uncharted waters here.''

Rowling, 47, had originally owned the top half of the house, but as the popularity of the 'Harry Potter' books increased she bought out her neighbours and converted the property into one home.