The moment Jk Rowling writes the final words in the Harry Potter series is to be broadcast on ITV1 this autumn.

In the programme – A Year in the Life… JK Rowling – the author is shown sitting at a computer screen before saying "Yeah, I think I've finished.

"You don't know, it might be rubbish," she continues direct to camera. "Some people will loathe it, they will absolutely loathe it. For some people to love it others must loathe it. That's just in the nature of the plot. I'm actually really, really happy with it."

ITV1 says it has followed Rowling "every step of the way" during the last year as she wrote Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final book in the phenomenally-successful book series.

"The programme has gained unprecedented access to film the author writing the final lines of the epic Harry Potter story," the channel said.

"The cameras then filmed the book's delivery in a locked suitcase to her agent at Heathrow airport to gain a real sense of the secrecy leading up to the day of the worldwide release on July 21st 2007."

In the show, Rowling, 41, is filmed returning to her childhood home for the first time, as well as visiting locations that influenced her in writing the Harry Potter books including the Forest of Dean, Kings Cross station, Castle Duart on the Isle of Mull and the great hall at Christ Church College in Oxford.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe also features in ITV1's new lineup in My Boy Jack, a one-off drama based on Rudyard Kipling's attempts to enable his son Jack to fight in the first world war.

And in further Harry Potter news, the latest film adaptation of the books – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – has broken records in the US after making $44.8 million (£22 million) on its first full-day of release on Wednesday.

The film, the fifth in the series, opened in UK cinemas yesterday.

13/07/2007 11:10:15