Jj Abrams' next project is not related to 'Cloverfield'.

The director has confirmed 'Super 8' is unconnected to the 2008 sci-fi horror movie - despite a trailer seeming to show similar filming techniques and the presence of aliens.

He said: "You have to check out the trailer. But it has nothing whatsoever to do with 'Cloverfield'."

However, he refused to give further details, telling New York Magazine's Vulture blog: "I won't be able to tell you until it's done."

The action movie - written and directed by 43-year-old Abrams - has a teaser trailer showing a train colliding with a truck heading to Area 51, the mysterious US military base renowned for alien-goings on.

Abrams is currently working on a number of movies following on from the completion of TV series 'Lost' - including a follow up to 2009's successful 'Star Trek' movie and 'Mission Impossible IV', both due for release in the next two years.