The highly anticipated sci-fi film, which is the seventh installment of the franchise originally launched in 1977 by Star Wars originator George Lucas, will reach theaters in the U.S. on 18 December 2015.

Although Episode VII's big debut is just under a month away, perfectionist J.J. has more work to do before he can officially declare the project complete.

“We were working on the final mixes at 2:30 this morning,” the director told interviewer Stephen Colbert during a Q&A for the Celebrity Nerd Off fundraiser at the Montclair Film Festival in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday 21 November 2015. “I left with six very small, but important things that (still) need to be done because I said, ‘I have to get to the Montclair Film Festival.'”

J.J. has generations of Star Wars fans to please with Episode VII - The Force Awakens and he is very cognisant of this reality.

The director admits he can't wait to wrap up the final mixes for the flick because the gravity of the project has been taxing.

“The truth is working on this movie for nearly three years, it has been like living with the greatest roommate in history for too long," he explained. "It’s time for him to get his own place. It’s been great and I can’t tell you how much I want him to get out into the world and meet other people because we know each other really well. But really, ‘Star Wars’ is bigger than all of us. So I’m thrilled beyond words (to be involved) and terrified more than I can say.”

J.J. also noted the script is largely driven by the concept of 'the Force', a ubiquitous metaphysical power Jedi Knights and other warriors tap into to access their supernatural abilities in the fictional Star Wars universe.

“It is such a powerful idea," the filmmaker gushed of 'the Force'. "It’s a religion without a god. It’s a nondenominational, powerful idea that was very important to us, in this film, to bring back.”