The director recruited Miranda to compose the cantina music heard in background of one of the scenes in The Force Awakens after checking out his hit hip-hop musical last year (15).

Together, they created Jabba Flow, a tune featuring lyrics in the fictional language of Huttese, and on Wednesday (04May16), J.J. and Lin performed the song live to celebrate Star Wars Day, the unofficial holiday for fans of the sci-fi franchise.

The performance was part of Lin's Ham4Ham show, a weekly event presented to entertain the hundreds of fans hoping to win the lottery for a ticket to the popular musical. The Ham4Ham show often features a special guest, and Lin brought out J.J. to sing on the steps of the Richard Rodgers Theater, where Hamilton is staged.

Chatting to fans, Lin revealed the Huttese lyrics of their song translate to "No lover, lover, it wasn't me", joking that the tune is a "Shaggy intergalactic remix," based on its similarity to the Jamaican singer's hit It Wasn't Me.

The duo went on to perform the song with Hamilton's Tony-nominated music director Alex Lacamoire and members of the orchestra. J.J. then revealed the track would be available to purchase for the first time on iTunes.

The moviemaker wasn't the only member of the Star Wars universe to celebrate the May the Fourth holiday - breakout star Daisy Ridley took to Instagram to share several on-set photos from The Force Awakens, while her co-star John Boyega commemorated the day on Twitter by sharing a fan-made video featuring him and dancing Star Wars stormtroopers.

John added the caption, "There is a reason I left these guys #starwarsday."