A controversial documentary on the late Sir Jimmy Savile is set to air on Wednesday (03.10.12).

ITV show 'Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile' alleges the 'Jim'll Fix It' star sexually abused schoolgirls in the 70s, and despite his family branding the claims ''disgusting'', the network still plans to show it.

An ITV spokesman said: ''This documentary is the result of an in-depth investigation into long-standing allegations of serious and widespread sexual misconduct by Sir Jimmy Savile. Because of the very serious nature of the claims made by several interviewees in relation to this, particular care and consideration was of course given to the decision to produce and broadcast this programme.

''The programme takes full account of the fact that Sir Jimmy is not here to defend himself against these claims.''

Roger Foster, Jimmy's nephew, said his family is ''disgusted and disappointed'' that the allegations are being made when the presenter, who died on October 29 last year aged 84, is no longer around to defend himself.