The rocker recently finished curating and revamping the band's catalogue for release after years of dreaming of a Led Zep reunion tour and now he wants to turn his focus to his own talents and record some instrumental songs for the record.

"Next year I'm just going to be working on the guitar," he tells Bang Showbiz. "It's time for me to go out there and do a solo album. My last solo album was 1988. I haven't really milked the situation. It's time to do another one. I'm known for playing many styles of guitar, and I need to revisit all the different styles I can play."

Page has yet to draw up a wish list of singers for the record, because he wants to perfect his part of the recording puzzle before inviting anyone to join him in the studio.

"I want to work with my strengths rather than my weaknesses," he continues. "I want to work with myself, I want to get myself up and running and once I'm ready, I'll think about whether I need someone to sing on the music."

But the guitarist behind classic rock hits like Stairway to Heaven and Kashmir, is hoping to hit the road with his new music - and has one very big gig on the calendar.

"I want to be playing live again," he states. "I want to start in the U.K. I've got ideas, but I want to wait to see what happens. I'd like to do Glastonbury."

"I could do a sort of karaoke night with Led Zeppelin songs," he jokes.

His last solo album, Outrider, featured collaborations with several musicians, including former Led Zeppelin bandmate Robert Plant and British soul legend Chris Farlowe.