Jimmy Kimmel, the 43-year-old talk-show host, is being sued for allegedly using YouTube footage of a ranting Hasidic man in one of his skits without getting permission, according to the New York Post. Kimmel used the video entitled 'Flying Rabbi' to poke fun at the NBA star Lebron James during a section of his show in August 2010.
DOVID SONDIK, the man featured in the clip, has filed a lawsuit at the Brooklyn Supreme Court alleging that Kimmel used the footage without his permission. In the skit, Sondik is ranting incoherently in Yiddish but the talk show host doctored the clip to look as if the pair were having a mock conversation. Sondik's lawyer ROBERT TOLCHIN said that his client was "just goofing around" when he first made the video and never expected it to be broadcast to 1.5 million viewers. Sondik himself said that Kimmel's use of the clip had caused him "difficulty and pain", and added that people in his neighbourhood now saw him as "a joke, a comedian".
The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, accuses the talk show host of 'appropriation of likeness', and violation of YouTube's service terms.