Funnyman and chat show host Jimmy Kimmel conducted a chat with pal Eminem on Friday night (27MAY05), using questions US newswoman Barbara Walters had asked her celebrity interviewees over the years.

Kimmel, whose CRANK YANKERS puppets appear in the rapper's new video ASS LIKE THAT, confessed to Eminem, "I'd like to really get to know Eminem but I'm not good at writing questions," before asking if it would be OK to ask Walters' questions, as part of a skit on his late night JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW.

Fun-loving Eminem agreed, facing his first question, "In addition to being divorced, you said you a failure with men. You beautiful creature, how could you say that..? This is one she asked Teri Hatcher."

When Kimmel asked, "Do you need a tissue?" poking fun at Walters' reputation for making her interviewees cry, Eminem said, "Yeah, that got me a little choked up," and pretended to sob.

The comedy act continued as Kimmel asked, "Jamie Foxx, how do you keep it real?" Eminem responded, "Erm, definitely a lot of chrome in your crib."

Kimmel also asked questions Walters had fired at Ricky Martin, WOODY HARRELSON and John Travolta as the rapper tried to keep a straight face.

When Eminem was asked to tell America something that fans wouldn't know about him, he ended the interview by saying, "I like to masturbate a lot. When I say a lot, I mean a lot."

30/05/2005 13:41