HEROES star Jimmy Jean-louis is preparing to return to his native Haiti for the first time since the country was devastated by an earthquake on Tuesday (12Jan10).
The actor, who was born in Haiti but moved to France as a youngster to pursue a modelling career, is desperate to fly home to comfort his family and provide aid to those affected by the disaster.
And he's trying to brace himself to see his homeland completely ravaged, after previously "freaking out" viewing pictures of the wreckage in the capital of Port-au-Prince.
He tells RadarOnline.com, "It's difficult to know what you're going to feel when you're going to see hundreds of thousands of people who will end up dying in a city that is completely destroyed.
"When I started to see the pictures, that's when I freaked out, because one of the first images that I saw was of the palace, the presidential palace and that's a strong block of structure. If that goes down then everything else is probably down."
And the star admits his elderly father has been most affected by the tragedy after seeing the home he built crumble in the tremor.
Jean-Louis adds, "My dad (has been) crying because he lost something that he'd worked for his whole life which was his house and that is something that he started more than 40 years ago, building one room after another one after another one. When he learned that the house was down, he said to himself, 'There's nothing else left to live for.' He has his kids and his family but for him that was one thing that really meant a lot to him."