Jimmy Iovine says documentary series 'The Defiant Ones' is a story about ''overcoming fear'' and overcoming obstacles''.

The four-part Netflix show tells the story of Jimmy's relationship with hip hop legend Dr. Dre and their journey from early beginnings as a record producer and member of hip hop group NWA respectively, through to separately founding Interscope and Death Row Records before co-founding Beats Electronics headphone company, which they sold to Apple for $3 billion in a cash and stock deal, the largest acquisition in Apple's history.

Jimmy, 65, is delighted with how director Allen Hughes told his and Dre's story and he believes it can inspire the next generation of rappers and hitmakers.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at 'The Defiant Ones' premiere at The Ritzy in Brixton, London, on Thursday night (15.03.18), Jimmy - who attended with his actress wife Liberty Ross - said: ''I think Allen killed it, he's a great director with a great idea and I think it's a great documentary. We went along for the ride and ultimately I think it's about overcoming fear and overcoming a lot of obstacles, I think people will enjoy it. We love the people at Netflix, they do some great work, they're great people and we were in from the start.''

And director Allen, 46, is delighted that Jimmy and Dre, 53, are so pleased with his documentary and he feels as though 'The Defiant Ones' is the best work of his career so far because of the freedom he was given to make it.

He said: ''I've never been so happy with anything I've done in my entire career, I was given the time to get it right and Jimmy and Dre supported me as well and they wanted the same thing so I couldn't be more proud.''

Dre made a rare appearance at the event and walked the red carpet with his wife Nicole Young, 48, and his daughter Truly, 16.

Following the screening, Dre, Jimmy and Allen took part in a Q&A hosted by Beats President Luke Wood and the 'Let Me Ride' hitmaker opened about why he and Jimmy's working relationship and friendship has endured for almost three decades.

Speaking about his creative chemistry with Jimmy, Dre said: ''I think that comes from our friendship and knowing him for so long. There's a certain amount of trust in that. Knowing him for so long and knowing how creative he is, it's a natural process.''

And considering why he has been so successful in the hip hop world and as a businessman since the 1980s, Dre mused:''It's a determination to being successful and do what I love to do. Fortunately I picked something that can make money, but that's what it is, hardcore determination to be successful.''

'The Defiant Ones' premieres on Netflix from Friday March 23.