American funnyman Jimmy Fallon became such close friends with his FEVER PITCH (PERFECT CATCH) co-star Drew Barrymore, the pair regularly meet up for board game sessions.

Fallon, 30, is a regular visitor to Barrymore's Los Angeles home where he spends hours playing games with the Charlie's Angels actress and her boyfriend, The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

Barrymore enthuses, "(Fabrizio) loves him actually - they are good friends. In fact the other night we all had a great party at the house and played games all night.

"The two of them are quite wacky - it was perfect! We played Cranium - dude it's all about Cranium!

"It's like charades, pictionary, puppeteering, clay making, word scramble it's everything all in one game."

Fallon adds, "We played for about four hours."

05/08/2005 17:27