Veteran entertainer Jimmy Buffett has assured fans he is on the mend after a nasty stage fall in Australia, showing off his injuries in a video message online.
The Margaritaville singer was briefly rendered unconscious after tumbling off the stage and hitting his head on a metal ledge at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney on Wednesday (26Jan11).
He underwent treatment at a local hospital and was discharged late on Thursday (27Jan11).
As a result of the incident, Buffett was forced to scrap his gig at the Auckland Viaduct on Te Wero Island on Saturday (29Jan11) - but he has apologised to his New Zealand devotees and vowed to return to make it up to them in the near future.
In a short video posted on his website, Buffett shows off the bandages on his right arm and his head, and says, "Hi everybody, it's Jimmy from Sydney on the other side of the fall. I just want to check in with everybody and say thank you very much for all your hopes and things.
"I was basically overwhelmed that so many people were concerned about my wellbeing. I'm on the mend. Unfortunately we can't do the show in Auckland, I'm just not quite up to it, as you can tell, but we will be back for all my fans in Kiwi land don't worry.
"We've had such a wonderful time in Australia, we were so looking forward to Auckland, not only the show, but I was gonna go fishing and surfing, but now I gotta go home and heal up."
And Buffett used the opportunity to brush off "over-exaggerated" reports he had died in the scary incident, insisting he will be back.
He adds, "Again, to everyone out there who was kind enough and thoughtful enough to send a note worrying about me, it's kinda like when Mark Twain was reported dead one time and he was still very much alive. The reports of my death were grossly over-exaggerated. I didn't get that close (to death) but in a way it's kinda nice to know that that many people care about me.
"I really am humbled and sincerely thank everyone out there for their kind words. I'm gonna be fine, and am gonna be back to work in April... The show goes on."