The younger brother of Jimi Hendrix has given up his long-running legal battle with his stepsister Janie over control of the guitar legend's estate.

Leon Hendrix was frozen out of his late brother's inheritance following the death of his father Al in 2002.

A legal battle followed, with Leon claiming his stepsister had taken advantage of their sick father to gain sole control of Experience Hendrix Llc, the company which oversees the use of the rock legend's music, but he failed to convince the courts and has now vowed to give up the fight.

Leon, who struggled with drugs as Hendrix shot to fame and was in prison when the rocker died in 1970, now insists he is at peace after dropping the argument with Janie.

He tells Britain's The Independent newspaper, "I let it go. I'm not going to let things eat me away. I don't like that feeling and anxiety. I said, Ok you won, I'll let it go. I said have a good life... She doesn't like me. She won't talk to me... She's out of my mind. I feel sorry for her."