Jimi Hendrix's siblings are still at war over the rock legend's legacy - but his stepsister JANIE insists relations between herself and brother Leon aren't as bad as reports suggest.
Janie and Leon Hendrix fell out when the former law student took over her stepbrother's estate from her ailing father before he died.
She says, "When you divide a family, people are pointing fingers and, of course, there is money involved and all of that.
"(After Jimi left home), it was just me and Leon. A lot of times Leon was in jail. My dad just kind of threw his hands up with Leon. He couldn’t do much with him."
Janie, who is now CEO of Experience Hendrix, admits relations between her, Leon and some family members are better.
She tells CelebrityAccess.com, "I think they are better in some ways but, sadly, with some relatives, we still don’t speak."
And she insists reports she cut her brother, Leon, out of the Hendrix fortune are untrue - that was her father's decision.
She adds, "I really did not know that my dad did not include Leon in the will. I did realise, of course, that he wasn’t a beneficiary, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to get money awarded or something. I was shocked that my dad didn’t give him anything."