Late rocker Jimi Hendrix's relatives have been battling in court for control of his posthumous releases and royalties.

The PURPLE HAZE singer's brother LEON, 56, claims he's been denied his share of an $80 million (GBP44 million) family fortune which his late father AL accrued after inheriting the rights to his son's music in 1970.

Leon says his step-sister JANIE, 43 - who runs the family business EXPERIENCE HENDRIX LLC with cousin ROBERT HENDRIX - has unfairly written him out of his father's will following his death in 2002.

A 1996 version of the will left Leon 24 per cent of the family fortune, Janie 38 per cent and the remainder to other beneficiaries, but Leon and other relatives are suing to have Janie ousted from the company and removed from Al's will.

Leon's lawyer ROBERT CURRAN says, "This is about greed. Janie has lived a very, very good life.

"She travels the world first class. Her family goes with her. They get picked up in limos. They stay in first class hotels."

Janie's legal representative insists she repaid some of those expenses and that Al's will clearly stated that he did not want Leon or his children to be involved in the company or profit from it.

But Leon's lawyer argues Al was infirm and under Janie's influence when he wrote the will.

29/06/2004 17:55