Jimi Hendrix's little brother LEON has revealed the late guitar legend came to him in a dream and urged him to keep the Hendrix legacy going. Leon Hendrix has just completed work on his second album, which features covers of his famous brother's tunes and tributes he has co-written about his dead sibling. The younger Hendrix insists he owes his music career to his brother because he would never have even picked up a guitar if the HEY JOE rocker hadn't paid him an eerie visit. Leon tells Billboard.com, "There was a guitar sitting in the corner of the room that had been sitting there for 15 months. In my mind, it seemed to be vibrating, it was calling me. "This vision came to me. Jimi said, 'Hey, you've got music in your blood and it's in your veins. You need to start doing it.' "Before, I didn't dare touch a guitar, because who could play guitar after Jimi? "I'm not trying to be Jimi. I have my own style. I'm not a maestro, I'm just a minstrel." Hendrix's new album, KEEPER OF THE FLAME, features a guest spot from former Deep Purple singer GLENN HUGHES.