Jimi Hendrix's stepsister JANIE HENDRIX refused to believe her brother had passed away on the day he died - because the family had been targeted by a death hoax just a month earlier.
Janie, now the president and CEO of Experience Hendrix, was just nine years old when a classmate broke the news that the superstar had died on 18 September 1970.
She refused to believe her friend's claims, and rushed home for reassurance - but was left devastated to learn the news was true.
Hendrix tells Britain's The Sun, "I didn't believe it because a month before someone had called the house saying Jimi had died but, of course, it wasn't true. People did cruel things like that.
"So I walked home, and thought, 'If there are lots of cars outside our house then it's true.' I walked slower and slower and, as I turned the corner, the street was flooded with cars.
"My dad hugged me and took me to his bedroom. He was crying and said, 'Jimi passed away. Life will never be the same.'"
Hendrix was 27 when he choked to death on his own vomit in a London hotel, but the exact circumstances of the tragedy have remained a mystery.