Jimi Hendrix's estate has won $900,000 (GBP461,150) in a four year-long court battle over the illegal sale of lost concert recordings featuring the guitar great. Hendrix's family won the court battle against music entrepreneur Ed Chalpin, who was attempting to profit from recordings made when Hendrix was an unknown guitarist, in 2003 and the British businessman was ordered to pay Experience Hendrix L.L.C. $592,800 (GBP304,000). But Chalpin didn't pay up and he also ignored a ruling in New York State that upheld the British court decision. He then tried to auction off the Hendrix tapes last year, but was blocked by the estate officials. Chalpin has now settled the case, according to website TheRockRadio.com, by paying the full amount of the original judgment plus most of the interest accrued since 2003.