Jimi Hendrix's life and death is set to hit the big screen with Lenny Kravitz the favourite to play the rock legend. Music impresario Elle Von Lear has acquired the "exclusive authority" to use the name, likeness and performances of Hendrix after a lengthy battle with the rocker's estate - and the first thing she plans to do is make a controversial biopic. Von Lear, a longtime Hendrix family friend, plans to revisit Hendrix's death, suggesting all was not as it seemed - and she also hopes to include a storyline about the American rocker and SIR Mick Jagger teaming up in a recording studio just before he died. She says, "I know exactly what happened to Jimi Hendrix. I have the autopsy reports and I have unsealed all the court records regarding Jimi Hendrix's legacy. It took years due to all the US and UK litigation. "Our goal is to do a proper major feature film that finally tells the real shocking story (of Jimi's life and death). Now I can do what he intended for his legacy and I plan to start by making a THE DOORS-type film about Jimi's life. "It will be heavily music-driven with all those great Hendrix original recordings. "Right now I'm looking for the right director, but I have David Fincher (Fight Club) and Dominic Sena (SWORDFISH) in mind, and I'm not ruling out Quentin Tarantino or Clint Eastwood. "I've always liked the idea of Lenny Kravitz playing Jimi, but he might be a bit long in the tooth now. If not him, we'll be looking for an unknown."