Jimi Hendrix played and recorded the Welsh National Anthem shortly before he died in 1970  at least according to one London producer.

The legendary guitar screeCher was famous for playing the American Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock, but a dusty eight-track tape found in a tea chest in London suggests The Music icon also decided to cover Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, Land of My Fathers.

But while some experts claim the scratchy track is the real thing, many fans are unconvinced as to the legitimacy of the recording. The tape's owner, Martin Davies, claims it is genuine as the song comes at the end of a recording session by HENDRIX's friends, the NEW FLAMES.

Bassist VIV WILLIAMS could be the key to answering the question, as he knew HENDRIX well and lived around the corner from the studio. However, the ex-band member is proving difficult to track down.

Mr Davies said: "We would know exactly who made the recording if we could find VIV WILLIAMS. He must now be about 64 years old. If anyone knows his whereabouts, please let us know."

03/01/2007 13:32:10