OUTKAST star ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN is still waiting for Jimi Hendrix's family to give him permission to play the rock legend in a biopic.

The HEY YA! hitmaker expressed his desire to play Hendrix in a movie long ago, but he admits the process is taking a lot longer than he'd anticipated.

He says, "Honestly, I so want to do that Hendrix project, and Brian Grazer wants to do it, but nobody can do anything until the family, who owns the rights to the songs, says, 'Yeah, you can do it.'

"For years it has been like that. I heard that Laurence Fishburne, Will Smith and Eddie Murphy tried to make a Jimi Hendrix movie. So I'm just praying that one day the family will say, 'Well, maybe this guy can do it.'

"I know that people in the background want me to do it, but it's all about selling that to the family. I've reached out to them. I've sent personal letters to his sister, who owns the rights, but she probably gets 100 calls a day from people wanting to do a Jimi Hendrix project, so she's probably like, 'Whatever.'"