Jim Sturgess would rather ''get drunk'' than learn something new.

The 'One Day' actor admits his education was ''wasted'' because he just wasn't interested, and though he tries his best to ''catch up'' now, he'd much rather do other things.

He said: ''At school, I was only interested in skateboarding, music and smoking.

''My education was wasted. But I was always interested in art and music, so I feel I'm catching up a lot of the time.

''Now, I read around whatever job I'm doing to educate myself but I'd rather go and get drunk.''

And even when he enrolled in university, the 38-year-old star chose an establishment he thought would help his musical ambitions, rather than his education.

He said: ''After school, I decided to study in Salford. I chose Manchester because I loved all the music that came from there and I hoped to start a band but then got into acting.

''I felt amazing because for the first time I was getting top marks and not being told off for not turning up.''

The 'Cloud Atlas' star also admitted he wishes he was better at switching off and chilling out.

He said in a recent interview: ''I'm not good at sitting still and I wish I was better at it.

''I'll be at home and think, 'Why can't I just chill out?' And then, when I'm filming, I can't wait to not do anything.

''All these films and shows on Netflix I should be sitting and catching up with - it gives me anxiety just thinking I've got to plough through all that.''