Rapper 50 Cent and movie-maker Jim Sheridan almost came to blows on the set of their new film GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' after the Irishman ripped into his star for throwing cash at fans.

The IN DA CLUB hitmaker threw $12,000 (GBP6,670) into a crowd of devotees who started chanting his name as he filmed a street scene in the movie, after they turned on him for ignoring them.

But Sheridan was far from impressed after he instructed 50 Cent, real name CURTIS JACKSON, to stay in character and not to let his fans break his focus.

50 recalls, "When we were shooting in New York, 2,000 kids showed up on the set. They were going crazy, grabbing the barricades and shouting at me.

"Jim was saying, 'Stay focused. Don't acknowledge what's going on over there.' So they started yelling and when I didn't acknowledge them, they shouted, 'F**k you, 50!'

"I felt bad for them. So when we finished the shot, I threw money into the crowd and the kids went nuts. I wasn't anticipating how crazy they'd go.

"Jim came over, and he was screaming at me, 'Those kids could have f**king got hurt! They could have ripped each other apart.'"

Sheridan adds, "50 thinks he's the ROBIN HOOD of his neighbourhood."