Rapper 50 Cent has launched a scathing attack on actor SAMUEL L JACKSON - after the actor refused to star in the rapper's movie debut because he questioned 50 Cent's acting abilities.

The PULP FICTION star famously hit out at studios for casting musicians in Hollywood movies over established black actors, so turned down the chance to appear alongside the hip-hop star in Jim Sheridan film A HUSTLER'S AMBITION.

But the IN DA CLUB rapper, real name CURTIS JACKSON, insists Jackson doesn't want to star opposite him because he's jealous of the hip-hop star's success.

He explains, "Saying he wouldn't work with a rapper is like saying he wouldn't work with Will Smith, Queen Latifah or Ice Cube.

"Basically, he didn't want to play second fiddle. He knew that because of my success, people would come to see the movie because of me. And he couldn't handle that.

"To be honest, I couldn't see where he would fit into the movie anyway - other than as my grandfather."

18/03/2005 03:14