One of the stars of hit new movie THE PRESTIGE has blasted movie executives at Warner Bros for failing to invite him to the film's Hollywood premiere. Actor/writer Jim Piddock was thrilled to be given the chance of working alongside his hero SIR Michael Caine and agreed to take a pay cut and a smaller role to join the cast. But while he had fun shooting the magical movie, in which he plays a prosecutor, he did not take kindly to the premiere snub he received. He tells, "Michael (Caine) was delightful and Chris Nolan (director) made a terrific film. However, for the privilege, or should I say the prestige, of working on it, I got paid less than I did for my first movie nearly 20 years ago. "That is almost acceptable, if you get treated well." "Everyone was certainly nice enough when we shot it, but I was very surprised not to get invited to any kind of wrap party, cast and crew screening, or the premiere. "(I didn't even get) the usual cast and crew T-shirt, jacket, tatty memorabilia from the studio. I think if you're making a $40 million film and you ask an actor to do role a lot smaller than they're used to, for considerably less money than they normally get, you have a certain responsibility to thank them somehow."