Comedy screenwriter Jim Piddock is revisiting President John F Kennedy's assassination in a serious new movie that focuses on the only man who was ever charged with the murder. The writer, who also appeared alongside SIR Michael Caine in THE PRESTIGE, has studied CLAY SHAW for his new film project and he hopes his next movie will help answer questions about the late leader's death. He tells website, "Shaw was the only man ever to be charged with the murder of President Kennedy. It was a complete travesty. "He was so obviously the victim of the messianic, megalomaniacal District Attorney JIM GARRISON and yet, if it hadn't been for the diligent and relentless work of a journalist called HUGH AYNESWORTH, and a couple of others, Shaw would have been convicted." Piddock, who also penned the screenplay for Samuel L Jackson flop The Man, insists his study of the Kennedy assassination will be a very different film from "the entertaining, but entirely fictional piece of nonsense that Oliver Stone made, called JFK." He adds, "Aynesworth said to me, "Well, at least Stone got two things right about Kennedy's death: the time and the date." Piddock's film will come hot on the heels of Emilio Estevez's acclaimed new movie BOBBY, which follows the events surrounding the assassination of Kennedy's brother Robert F Kennedy in 1968.