The front door of the home rock legend Jim Morrison lived in for six years of his life is up for sale on auction website The door, which fronted the Clearwater, Florida home owned by The Doors star's grandparents Paul and Caroline Morrison, was carefully removed by contractors working for building company Triangle Development when the house was demolished to make way for a condominium project, which is currently under development. Triangle bosses, realising the importance of the door, preserved it and other artifacts to memorialise the late singer/songwriter. In a tribute to Morrison, St. Petersburg, Florida artist Judith Dazzio painted the door with the mural she calls When The Music's Over. A doorbell on the frame plays three different short clips from the song when pressed. The auction ends on 28 October (07); the current bid stands at $2,500 (GBP1,250). Proceeds from the auction will go to charity.