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I know this is an old article, but I just had to answer on some of these comments. MorrisonForever I agree with you. People who think that Jim and Pam were some kind of 60's Romeo and Juliet should really get their facts straight. It was verbally, emotionally and sometimes even physically abusive relationship. They both pretty much feed off each other's weaknesses. Drugs, alcohol and reckless lifestyle just added to their downfall. One could argue that Jim and Pam wouldn't have stayed together had they both lived. Tony has no reason to lie, from his interview you can see that he is an honest man and has many great stories to tell about his time with Jim. It was really nice to read about this other side of Jim that represents him as a generally good guy, instead of as drunken bastard seen in the Oliver Stone film. I think that you are not aware of the fact that there was no paparazzi culture present in the 60's. Besides, Jim was really careful about his private life and there is no way that he would ever allow it being exposed or exploited for the sake of publicity or money. simplyme to say such thing about Tony is just nasty. What you are saying is know as ad hominem argument, my dear. That is, instead of paying attention to what Tony actually said you are attacking him for the things you can't even prove. That's just mean.

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Well if all that was true about Pam, than why didn't they ever bring it up on t.v. or anything like that. I mean i'm not also saying that Tony could be lying, but on one will besides him, b/c frankly i haven't heard or read not one single negative thing about Pam (other than the drug usage). It seems to me and other people that if Pam was such an annoying person like that she would of made headlines. Any famous couple having problems are on headlines. So where are the stories about her being the bitchy wife?

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