The author of an explosive new Jim Morrison expose has upset the family of the legendary THE DOORS singer by suggesting the rocker despised his mother over the way she dealt with his bed-wetting problems.

Rock biographer Stephen Davis, who also penned controversial Led Zeppelin tome HAMMER OF THE GODS, insists Morrison's reasons for telling friends and press that his parents were dead stem from his bed-wetting problems as a child.

In his new book JIM MORRISON: LIFE, DEATH, LEGEND, Davis writes, "(The bed-wetting) drove his mother crazy. As an adult he remembered going to his mother's bed when it happened, and being forced to go back to his room and sleep in his wet sheets.

"Then he started to be afraid to sleep in his own bed at all. Some nights he fell asleep curled in a ball on the floor."

Attorneys representing the Morrison family have categorically denied these incidents.

05/07/2004 21:00