The Stronger hitmaker was admitted to the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center on Monday (21Nov16) for a psychiatric evaluation, and according to the transcript of his doctor's emergency call, obtained by, he tried to protect Kanye's privacy by referring to his patient as "Jim Jones".

The Diplomats star took to Instagram on Tuesday (22Nov16) to address the name drop, joking that the medic had his height and weight details mixed up.

Alongside a screenshot of the TMZ article, Jones wrote, "Now this lol (laugh out loud) I'm just mad they got my weight and height wrong lol I'm 205 lbs 5'11 in height and I been crazy evrybody know Tht (sic)".

He then tried to make light of the name switch by jokingly calling on Kanye to send him a free pair of his in-demand Yeezy sneakers as compensation.

In another post, Jones made a quip about starting to use Kanye's name to see if he can get some VIP service, adding, "F**k it my new alias is Kanye West... I'm stepping out from now on all reservations flights hotels restaurants Th weed man uber car services we Litt (having fun) lol can't wait lol (sic)."

Kanye is said to be receiving treatment for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. His medical emergency emerged just hours after his representatives cancelled the remaining dates on his Saint Pablo Tour.