TV presenter Jim Davidson has been axed from ITV series Hell's Kitchen after a run-in with former Big Brother winner Brian Dowling.

The former Big Break presenter and stand-up comedian was reprimanded by Dowling after he called a group of customers who he believed had looked at him during service 'shirtlifters'.

"Why do shirtlifters pull that same face?" he said to Dowling and fellow contestant Paul Young.

Dowling, who is gay, responded by asking Davidson to stop: "Please don't say shirtlifters – it's really rude.

Jim said: "I don’t care. Gay men have the same look – some gay men have the same look."

The row, which was broadcast on TV last night, continued throughout Sunday evening and led to Dowling calling his fellow contestant "the most offensive person I have ever met in my whole entire life".

"You have ruined my whole time in here with your narrow mind and comments," he continued.

"I am literally speechless. Empty, disgusted and the most vulnerable I have felt in my whole life, I swear to God."

ITV said that Davidson had been asked to leave the show by producers after making "unacceptable remarks".

"ITV does not condone comments which could cause offence," an ITV spokesperson said.

The reality TV show sees top chef Marco Pierre White attempt to train ten celebrities in a real-life restaurant environment.

11/09/2007 12:19:50