Jim Caviezel had a real sense of the pain Jesus Christ went through in his final hours while he was filming crucifixion scenes in Mel Gibson's controversial new film The Passion Of The Christ.

THE THIN RED LINE star suffered for his art during the shoot - spending hours in the make-up chair, dislocating his shoulder and almost freezing to death.

Caviezel, 35, reveals he was so cold on the crucifix that the crew had to surround him with heaters, but they were placed so close to his body they burned his legs.

In addition, when he wasn't on the set in Rome, Italy, the actor was mobbed by religious fanatics.

He says, "It was just so painful. I didn't cry at all, couldn't cry, I couldn't wait to get out of it."

"It was an honour to play it, don't get me wrong, but when people start coming up to you and saying, 'Hosanna in the highest,' and 'Bellissimo, Jesus,' it's too much to handle."

27/01/2004 09:21