THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star James Caviezel is being protected by a security team from attack by religious fanatics following his performance as Jesus Christ in the Mel Gibson movie.

Studio bosses are concerned that zealots will attack Caviezel for his role in the controversial film and have hired a 'protection squad.'

A furious mob have already screamed 'anti-Semite' and hurled a bucket of lamb's blood at OSCAR-winning actor and director Gibson in a New York street.

A studio source tells British tabloid newspaper DAILY STAR ON SUNDAY, "There are some crazy people out there and everything is being done to protect Mel and Jim from physical attack."

Caviezel, a devout Catholic, says, "Of course I'm scared that someone could get it in his head to make me a target.

"But I won't let this stop me doing my business. I'm an actor, helping to promote a movie I truly believe in."

08/03/2004 09:57