Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel is sceptical about the expected onslaught of religious movies - despite the success of his film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

Before the MEL GIBSON-directed movie was released earlier this year (04), it was hit by a barrage of negative feedback, but went on to break box office records around the world.

Now rival studios are reportedly planning their own religious epics to cash in on The Passion's success.

But Caviezel, who played Jesus Christ in the movie, says, "I think people are going to make the movies they want to make. (Mel Gibson) wanted to make the film he wanted to make, and when he made it, people said, 'This film won't do $6 million.'

"It does $600 million, and now they're concerned about where he's giving the money. It was a controversial film, but he (Jesus) was a controversial character, so if people want to make films like that, then they can't avoid the controversy."

10/06/2004 21:46