The number 23 proved to be a haunting figure on the set of Jim Carrey's new thriller THE NUMBER 23 - so many crazy coincidences were linked to the odd number. Both Carrey and director Joel Schumacher realised the film was their 23rd - and that was just the start of a series of odd additions that freaked out the cast and crew of the film, which revolves around a man's obsession with all things 23. Carrey explains, "My movie wife, Virginia Madsen, brought her son JACK to the set and he'd sit there all day long trying to pick out the phenomenon on the number 23. "He pointed out that the letters of my name and Virginia's together added up to 23, and it's my 23rd film. There were lots more little examples too." Schumacher adds, "I hired Danny Huston and Virginia, and, on the first day of shooting, I found out they had been married once - 23 years ago. That was insane. "The night we decided to do the movie I was really excited and I was brushing my teeth and I realised that this is my 23rd directing job. There was weird stuff every day." But Schumacher's concerns about the number disappeared as he tried to persuade former real-life lovers Madsen and Huston to agree to a sex scene: "I asked them if they would have a problem doing a sex scene together. It was kind of 'Woah!'"