The critics have been pretty merciless in their execration of The Number 23. Jan Stuart in Newsday suggests that the title "gives a rough estimate of the years it will take stars Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen to live it down." Gary Thompson in the Philadelphia Daily News figures the number has a different import: "It will take smart viewers about 23 minutes to figure out where this movie is going," he writes. Bruce Westbrook in the Houston Chronicle begins his review by writing: "How do we loathe thee, The Number 23? Let us count the ways." He concludes: "Have I reached 23 reasons for disliking the film? Not yet? No matter. None of this adds up anyway." Kyle Smith in the New York Post presents some of his own mystical calculations for the number 23: "Number of times Britney photographed baring her giblets: 23! Combined weight of Olsen Twins: 23 pounds! Typical age of girls who rejected me when I was 23: 23! And let's not even mention the sinking of the Titanic (4/15/1912: adds up to 23), or Charles Manson's birthday, Nov. 12 (11+12), or Shakespeare's birth -- and death! -- date: April 23." By the way, the movie opens, thanks No Doubt to a studio numerologist, on February 23.