Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy left family and friends stunned when a TV wedding proposal prank had them all thinking the Hollywood couple was planning a wedding.
Egged on by show host Ellen DeGeneres, funnyman Carrey got down on one knee and began what appeared to be a live proposal on a pre-Christmas (08) episode of daily U.S. chat show Ellen.
Carrey was drowned out by festive bells just as he started to ask, "Will you..."
It was all part of a joke on Ellen's studio audience - but no one told the couple's family and friends about it.
MCCarthy, who returned to the show on Tuesday (14Apr09), told the show's host, "Jim's entire Canadian relatives (didn't know), nor did any of my friends, and even my mom (said), 'For Pete's sake, Jenny, you didn't even tell me.' I'm like, 'Mom, the bell's went off - it was a joke.'
"We had to do damage control the rest of the day."
MCCarthy admits her boyfriend sold the fake proposal "so well" even she was overcome with emotion: "I really started crying because I was like, 'Oh my God, look how sweet he is right now.'"