Jim Carrey thinks tragedy is unavoidable in life but it's important to use it to grow.

The 56-year-old actor has opened up about his philosophy on dealing with loss, and urged people to take their painful moments and turn them into something constructive.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he said: ''Nobody gets through this life without getting hit by lightning and it's just [a question of], 'Is the lightning going to be something that causes a fire? 'Are you going to stop there and just think this is a disaster, or are you going to continue on to see the new growth?' ''

Although Jim has stepped back from his acting career in recent years, he has recently re-entered TV comedy with a starring role in the show 'Kidding'.

He plays the part of a children's TV show host who is trying to keep his career intact as his personal life collapses.

Speaking about his role, he added: ''This is what happens - projects more and more choose me. When something happens or when I've reached a certain level of understanding about this world... the ideas seem to find me. So this is the perfect thing.''

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Jim wouldn't have to go to trial over his late girlfriend's suicide in September 2015.

The star had been due to go to court in a wrongful death case in April after been accused by Cathriona White's mother Brigid Sweetman and estranged husband Mark Burton of giving his girlfriend three sexually-transmitted diseases and providing the drugs used by the make-up artist when she took her own life, but it was revealed earlier in the year that the allegations have been dismissed.

A spokesperson for the 'Mask' star confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter the matters were dismissed on January 25 but had no comment to make beyond saying Jim is looking forward to moving on with his life now.

And Michael Avenatti, the attorney acting for Brigid and Mark issued a brief statement on their behalf.

It read: ''We have no further comment at this time.''

The development came a few months after Jim filed a countersuit against his accusers, insisting they were trying to extort him.