Funnyman Jim Carrey signed up for Dumb And Dumber To after feeling the pressure from fans to make a sequel.

The beloved comedy about two dimwitted best friends was a huge hit on its release in 1994, and 20 years later, Carrey and co-star Jeff Daniels have returned for the highly-anticipated sequel.

During an interview with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres on her U.S. talk show on Thursday (13Nov14), Carrey admitted it was ultimately the constant nagging from fans of the film that made him sign on to reprise his role.

He said, "I was wondering, 'What's the problem? Dumb and Dumber (sequel) - seems like a no-brainer!' But I was really glad it actually happened. It was really because of fan pressure. I'm not a nutty sequel guy, I don't want to do five movies about the same thing.

"The pressure from the fans and the love for this movie made me do it. And of course there were a lot of world leaders calling me saying, 'We need help!'"