Jim Carrey left a female fan in shock during an appearance on America's Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (13Nov14), after chopping off all of her hair as part of a show sketch.

The actor, who is promoting his Dumb and Dumber movie sequel, turned hairdresser as he set up a barber shop stand outside the show's studios on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles and invited fans to step up for a trim.

He gave one willing guy a bowl haircut, the same style worn by his dimwitted comedy character Lloyd Christmas, but when a blonde woman agreed to take part in the segment, Carrey decided to ditch the bowl he had been using as a guide and instead "eyeball" it as he used his scissors to cut away random chunks of her long locks, much to her horror.

The clearly stunned fan was shown with her mouth agape as the outrageous funnyman continued to cut away, and after a commercial break, the woman was left with just the outline of Carrey's hand shaved into her otherwise-bare scalp.

Explaining his work, the comedian quipped, "It symbolises the control I have over the mind of my fans."

Host Kimmel then asked the game fan, "Were you expecting a hair cut of that severity?", to which she responded, "I came down just to see the show. I wanted an autograph..."

The two participants were later invited into the studio and given front row seats to watch the rest of the show's taping, which doubled as Kimmel's 47th birthday celebration.

Carrey later showed off his musical skills by sitting in with the house band and taking a seat behind the drums.