Hollywood funnyman Jim Carrey will be flashing his famously wide grin on Tuesday (17Jan12) - the star is turning the big 5-0.
The rubber-faced actor catapulted to fame in the mid-1990s, starring in hits Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask and Dumb & Dumber.
Growing up in Ontario, Canada Carrey started off as a struggling actor and comedian, appearing on stage performing sketches and enjoying small movie roles.
He became known worldwide for his impersonations and cemented his place in Hollywood by starring in hit films including The Truman Show, Cable Guy, Me, Myself & Irene, and Bruce Almighty, and also famously played the Riddler in Batman Forever.
Overcoming a battle with depression, the funnyman has lightened up movie screens with his wit and improvisational skills - and to celebrate his big milestone, WENN has compiled 10 fascinating facts about the star. Happy birthday, Jim!
- Carrey's character in 1998's The Truman Show has spawned the name of a psychological disorder - patients diagnosed with the condition 'Truman Syndrome' believe their lives are being broadcast on worldwide TV.
- The funnyman has been a vegetarian for most of his life.
- He tried to make his castmates on 2007 film The Number 23 laugh by urinating on the movie set - but his co-stars weren't amused.
- In France he is referred to as the son of legendary comic actor Jerry Lewis.
- When he was a struggling actor Carrey wrote himself a motivational cheque for $10 million (£6.3 million) and post-dated it for Thanksgiving Day, 1995. And his superstitious move worked - he was offered $10 million (£6.3 million) to play the lead in The Mask three days before his dad's death in 1994. He put the original cheque in his father's pocked before he was buried.
- Carrey has endured a turbulent love life - he has been married twice, with his second union to his Dumb and Dumber co-star Lauren Holly lasting less than a year. He has also dated Renee Zellweger and Jenny MCCarthy, who he split from in 2010 after five years together.
- Carrey failed an audition to star on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live after he was left shaken when he saw an NBC employee trying to jump off the roof of a building shortly before the casting.
- To calm him down at school, teachers would allow the hyperactive youngster a 10-minute session at the end of each day to perform in front of his classmates.
- On top of acting he has other talents - he's also a sculptor, painter, amateur singer and songwriter - and he once penned a track for acoustic duo Tuck & Patti.
- Carrey has dual citizenship - in 2004 he was granted an American passport, while he remains a citizen of his native Canada.