Movie star Jim Carrey has rubbished reports he is moving towards Scientology, insisting he has completely ruled out any plans to adopt the controversial religion. The Hollywood funnyman and his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy have been spending increasing amounts of time with famed Church member Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, but Carrey is adamant he will not be persuaded to join the faith. Carrey says, "I don't think I'll ever belong to an organisation, because organisations corrupt. It's the natural course of things, when you have to protect the organisation from outside influences, or when you're trying to change people's minds. "It's tough when egos get involved and they're trying to bend the will of another person, rather than allowing them to come to it if they see it." However, Carrey acknowledges he is unaware of how much of the religion is dictated to followers. He adds, "I know people who are Scientologists: good people, fine people. I don't know how much of it is controlling, and how much of it is just being helpful for the sake of helping. I've heard things about the pressure that can be exerted, but that's true of a lot of religions."