Jim Carrey has turned iPod DJ to give movie fans a taste of what he listens to when he's at the gym, hiking or in the car. The movie star, who had a special hardcore industrial soundtrack pumped into his iPod to help him prepare for disturbing scenes in new movie NUMBER 23, admits his usual musical choices are much lighter. Compiling 23 of his favourite tunes, Carrey highlights THE BROTHERS JOHNSON's 1970s classic STRAWBERRY LETTER and Nirvana's BREED among his top tunes. Of Strawberry Letter, the actor says, "It makes you wanna be on roller skates, with a disco ball," while Breed makes him feel like "pummeling your foe's face into blood soup." Carrey has counted down his top 23 tunes as part of the heavy promotional push surrounding his dark new movie - about a man obsessed with the number, which hit US cinemas yesterday. Other highlights on his hit list include CLOSE TO ME by The Cure, which makes Carrey feel "like I'm being held down and tickled," and Sia's BREATHE ME, which he states is one of his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy's favourite tunes, adding, "Jenny made me put this song on the list, but I love it too." Other songs include THE White Stripes' FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL, Flaming Lips' DO YOU REALIZE and ROUND MIDNIGHT by jazz great John Coltrane.