Movie funnyman Jim Carrey has managed to give up all his vices - apart from his private jet.

The BRUCE ALMIGHTY star is keen to lead a healthy lifestyle and has ditched past loves including marijuana and cigarettes to achieve his aim.

The 42-year-old says, "I don't eat wheat. I don't eat dairy. I don't smoke cigarettes. I don't smoke pot.

"All these things I've enjoyed. I live very sparingly. I'm always asking, 'What am I going to give up next?'"

But Carrey - currently sporting a shaved head for his part in LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS - refuses to relinquish his personal plane because it provides him with a level of privacy he wouldn't have if he used public transport.

He says, "It's an incredible luxury but it mainly saves me so much stress because I travel so much.

"Not having to deal with the airports and the paparazzi. It's a worthwhile investment in my peace of mind."

09/02/2004 13:55