Jim Carrey's new comedy Bruce Almighty has caused a Florida woman to suffer constant harassment - because her number was given out in the movie as a direct line to God.

In the film, Carrey stars as a regular guy who receives the powers of God - played by MORGAN FREEMAN - after complaining too much about life.

God tries to reach BRUCE NOLAN, Carrey's character, by repeatedly leaving a phone number on his pager. But instead of the usual 555 prefix most TV shows and films use in phone numbers, God's number Pinellas Park glassmaker DAWN JENKINS' mobile phone number.

Jenkins, who has been getting about 20 calls per hour, with callers asking for God before hanging up complains, "What am I to do? I e-mailed UNIVERSAL STUDIOS about this issue... I think I want payment."

Jenkins isn't alone in her plight. The number on Carrey's pager also matches the one to a South Carolina woman who says she's been "getting aggravated to death" by the incessant calling.

It also matches the number for a call centre to a group of five Colorado talk-radio stations. RON NICKEL, senior vice president for the RADIO COLORADO Network, says, "My receptionist is going to go crazy."

27/05/2003 21:16