Jim Broadbent found it tough to tell Mia Farrow he was working with her ex-partner Woody Allen.

The 'Iron Lady' actor was delighted to be approached to appear in the director's 1994 movie 'Bullets Over Broadway' but says the situation was made complicated as the offer came at a time when he was working with the actress, who was locked in a complex custody battle with the filmmaker over their three kids.

He told Reader's Digest magazine: ''My agent said, 'Woody's going to ring you up - he wants a word about a part in his next film, 'Bullets over Broadway'.

''That was way up there, high on the list of 'Things You Dream About as an Actor' - though it was complicated by the fact that I was working with Mia Farrow at the time.

''She'd come straight from the US law courts with the judge's transcript of her and Woody's custody battle practically under her arm. I had to tell her I was going to work with him. She said, 'Oh my, that's surprising news.' ''

The 62-year-old star now only takes up roles that ''really appeal'' to him, but he still remembers the time he would have been happy to have landed any acting parts within the industry.

He added: ''One of the more recent ones I've done was for only four days, as Horace Slughorn on the final 'Harry Potter' film. I only do things that really appeal.

''Yet I still remember getting my first part and thinking, 'I've got a job!' There's a chance I might make it in this profession.''

Read the full article in May issue of Reader's Digest, out on 21st April.