LATEST: Former TV CATWOMAN JULIE NEWMAR is keen to settle an ongoing dispute with her next door neighbour Jim Belushi by growing flowers on his wall.

The 1960s BATMAN star is being sued by Belushi after he grew tired of her efforts to allegedly destroy his property and defame him in order to drive him out of the neighbourhood - all because of a wall he put up around his Hollywood property.

Newmar tells American showbiz news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, "It's so petty. It's such small potatoes. Shame on us really. I think this really got out of hand and it shouldn't have.

"I would like to ask him (Belushi) if he would please take down his wall because I'd like to have the sunshine in my house and I'd love to see the blue sky and I'd love to have the warmth of the California sun.

"But it isn't something that I wish to keep in my consciousness anymore, and if he doesn't want to take down the wall, well, I'll just put some nice flowers on it... It isn't worth being so hostile."

Belushi filed a $4 million (GBP2.2 million) complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court at the beginning of the month (02NOV04) claiming his neighbour "engaged in a premeditated campaign" to destroy his peace and enjoyment.

Newmar reportedly paid out $10,000 (GBP5,500) in damages and legal fees after Belushi took her to court for throwing an egg at his door.

She adds, "That's past history. We resolved that. That's done and gone. We are going to behave like adults again.

"I'd like to apologise to him and I'd like to tell him how deeply sorry I am if I've caused him any grief or any sorrow."

14/11/2004 10:03