Jim Belushi has sold his new sitcom pilot to TV network ABC.

According to ew.com, the star of K-9 is involved in a new comedy "where a co-dependent father and his teenage daughter's relationship is turned upside down when they are put together in a unique situation." The new project, currently known as You Won't Even Know I'm Here is reportedly set to be produced by Murphy Brown creator Diane English. Belushi is no stranger to the world of sitcom as he played the main character on According To Jim which aired for 8 seasons between 2001 and 2009. Since then the 56-year-old has starred in a number of television dramas and had also joined Broadway after starring in Born Yesterday.

Born in Chicago, Illinois Jim Belushi began his performance career in local theatres alongside his older brother and fellow comedian John Belushi. His first notable role came 1983 when he became a member of the Saturday Night Live cast; his career began to develop further after appearing in 1986 comedy Little Shop of Horrors, he was then offered roles in movies such as Red Heat, K-9 and Taking Care of Business. He is currently lending his voice to new animated movie Dorothy of Oz which sees Dorothy return to Oz to help her friends.